Statistical data of Latvia, 1939

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Brochure of statistical data of Republic of Latvia for period of 1934-1939, published by Administration of Statistics in 1939, presents us with a view of well doing and prospering country.

Increase in industry in this period has been over 70%, number of people employed in industry has grown by 50%. Increase in trade in consumer associations has been 3 times!

Natural population growth in 1938.g. has been +4.9 for 1000 inhabitants. After 1935.g. the share of Latvians amongst population is gradually approaching 80%.

Number of radio subscribers has tripled, approaching 150 thousand of listeners.

With butter export of 23.5 million kg per year, in 1938 Latvia holds 4th place in Europe and 6th in the world!Foreign trade balance is positive, with 30 million Lats (of that time) surplus in 1937.

Gold reserve of Latvia in 1938 already exceeds 125 million Lats.

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