Statistical data of Latvia, 1939

Section: - /2006-02-15

Unique opportunity to see a brochure of statistical data of Republic of Latvia for period of 1934-1939, published 1939.

Litene army camp, 1937-1938

Section: - /2006-11-10

Life of Latvian army unit based in Litene army camp, as seen in photos of the late thirties.

”Darba sieviete” magazine, # 1, 1940

Section: - /2006-11-08

In July 1940, the readers of Latvian female magazines learned, that further on for the money which they had paid they will be receiving a different magazine - “Darba sieviete” (“Work Woman”). Study of the first issue of the magazine lets us feel an atmosphere of the dramatic change that was going on these days in Latvia, as well as to recognize a pattern of relic Soviet propaganda in today's beliefs.

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