Latvian Legion soldiers at Nuremberg Tribunal

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Propaganda of modern day Russia, name-calling Latvian Legion soldiers “Nazis” and accusing them of “crimes against humanity”, keeps telling, that International Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal would have declared Baltic soldiers, fighting on the German side during WWII against Soviet Red Army, war criminals. The truth is considerably different - former Latvian and Estonian legionaries were guarding imprisoned Nazis in Nuremberg and securing facilities of Allied army.

Horrible Year, 1940-1941

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Insight into Soviet atrocities in Latvia after its “liberation” and bolshevization by Communist party and Red Army in 1940-1941.

Maslenki, 15 June 1940

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At the dawn of 15 June 1940, two days prior to the occupation of Latvia by USSR, Soviet military units crossed the border between the two countries and carried out several attacks against Latvian border guard facilities in Abrene district, killing several people and taking into captivity many others, mostly civilians, including little children.

Latvian Legion soldiers in Sweden, 1994

Section: - /2008-12-01

In 1946 the coalition government of Sweden, led by Social Democrats, extradited to Stalinist USSR soldiers of Latvian Legion interned in Sweden. Later Swedish government admitted, that it had been a mistake. Surviving veterans were invited to Sweden to meet King Carl XVI Gustaf and Minister for Foreign affairs of Sweden.

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